creating global citizens

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The GYLI 4 Pillars

Our mission is to deliver transformative educational programs that foster global pluralism, collaborative leadership, and environmental care, helping students and teachers become fully engaged citizens of the world.

Collaborative Leadership

Learn to work as a community, using shared experiences to reach the desired goal.

Environmental Sustainability

We promote environmental stewardship in hopes that students and teachers will learn about their contributions to natural systems.

Multicultural Identity

Create a comfortable space, understanding of each individual’s color, culture, class, character, and context.

Religious Pluralism

It is favorable to establish a safe space for those of diverse religious practices in order to work together.

Our Three-Year Highschool Sequence

Year 1 – Sailing in the Wake of our Ancestors

5-Day Program for Rising Tenth Graders and Teachers

Year 2 – Develop Your Personal Leadership Vision

6-Day Program for Rising Eleventh Graders and Teachers

Year 3 – Experience Models of Environmental Sustainability

11-Day Program for Rising Twelfth Graders and Teachers

Year 1

Learn, Lead and Sail

Learn about our 4 pillars from inspirational GYLI coordinators and speakers
Lead by taking the helm over the five-day experience
Sail aboard a historic tall ship: Mystic Whaler, a schooner in Mystic, CT, or Exy Johnson, a youth training vessel in Los Angeles, CA

Year 1

Mystic, CT and Los Angeles, CA

Explore the choice between sailing on the scenic Atlantic Ocean in Mystic, Connecticut or sailing on the west coast in beautiful Los Angeles, California

Year 2

Integrate, Climb and Reflect

Integrate and work with others who practice diverse religions and outlooks
Climb from Lama Foundation at 8,000 ft above sea level in Taos, NM
Reflect through meditation, a labyrinth walk, music making or a five-hour solo experience that will help you develop your voice and leadership from within

Year 2

Taos, NM

Explore the Lama Foundation in Taos, New Mexico where scenic spots and climbs are surrounding the foundation

Year 3

Cultivate, Grow and Live

Cultivate friendships with students from public and private schools all over the U.S. and Costa Rica.
Grow through inspirational GYLI coordinators and speakers, and from students from Earth University and UWC in Costa Rica
Live with rural farmers in the La Argentina region of Costa Rica

Year 3

Costa Rica

Explore the incredible and beautiful natural ecosystem in Costa Rica. Experience speaking Spanish, white water rafting, small-scale organic farming and new methods of producing fuel and heating water that could impact your community in the U.S.