2019 Year 1 Recap

Living on and learning on a Tallship is new for all us, and that is what we got to do o the Year 1 programs.    We came together during our two sessions in Connecticut to learn about our ancestors, and to experience days and nights on the Long Island Sound.  The beauty of the water and the sunsets is something that we will remain with us for a long time.  We also learned much from our speakers: Dr. Ulric Johnson who introduced us to the 5C’s of awareness: Color, Culture, Class, Character, and Context.   As Dr Johnson say, “Once you are a leader for peace and justice, you have to do that all the time 24/7.  This is not just a short program, but a way of being.”  This model worked into many of our conversations and storytelling about our shared stories and shared history. 

What better way to step into that history than to step aboard the Mystic Whaler and to learn from Capt. John and Capt. Pat about the many hidden treasures of Long Island sound.  They were so fun, and we learned much about the history of the area from them.  Just being on the boat caused many of us to think about our ancestors who had made all those many ocean crossings to get to America. 

We also explored and engaged in the important topic of Religious Pluralism from Roots and Wings and we look forward to applying many of these concepts at our schools this fall.  And we heard from Kojo Bey about the importance of our divind purpose in life.  This is how he leads of his two hour workshop of African drumming and dancing.  This movement and constant on the goatskin was how we sealed in the deep learning of the program.   Overall, it was an unforgettable experience!