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For information about the institute that you will be attending please scroll to the program listings below.

Note: This registration page is for ADULT PARTICIPANTS that will be attending one of the following institutes. If you are looking to register a STUDENT participant, please click here.

2019 Program Calendar:

2019 Educator Programs

2019 High School Sequence (for students and educators)

Year 1.1 Mystic Whaler June 23-27 2019 New London CT
Year 1.2 Mystic Whaler July 7-11 2019 New London CT
Year 1.3 Mystic Whaler July 14-18 2019 New London CT
Year 1.4 Los Angeles Maritime Institute Date TBD 2019 Los Angeles CA
Year 2.1 Lama Foundation July 6-11 2019 New Mexico
Year 2.2 Lama Foundation July 14-19 2019 New Mexico
Year 3.1 EARTH University July 8-18 2019 Costa Rica
Year 3.2 EARTH University Jul 22-August 1 2019 Costa Rica