Costa Rica Day 2-4

Costa Rica Day 2-4

July 14, 2017 Year 3 2017 0

Our Costa Rica group is enjoying their stay thus far while also learning a lot about environmental sustainability and the Costa Rican culture.

Day 3, their first day at EARTH University began with a tour of their large campus and some intro to the community. They also began to work on their knowledge of multicultural identity with some discussion at the University.

They love the beauty of EARTH University and all the students and campus has to offer them. Yesterday they have learned about the banana plantation on the campus and took a hike through the rainforest where they saw the various wildlife species in action. The University students sustain their campus with the food produced from their own urban farms, so they taught our group about their practices yesterday as well.

They will be working with Waste Management soon so we will continue to update the blog on their progress!  Today the students also go into the La Argentina Community for the homestay part of the program.  This is a great opportunity to learn first-hand about how all the ideas at EARTH are implemented on small-scale farms.

Below is the URL to our GYLI picture sharing page Smugmug  with the videos and pictures from some of our chaperones. The first two photos are actually videos that you can click on to hear students reflect on the experience so far.

GYLI Smugmug page

Paz y pura vida!