Costa Rica Day 9

Costa Rica Day 9

July 19, 2017 United World College/ Earth University, Costa Rica Year 3 Year 3 2017 0

Yesterday the group had to say goodbye to their individual host families. They came back together for a long yet exciting day. The kids got a break from the more serious talks about the pillars of GYLI and had some fun white water rafting!

After the day of rafting, you would think the kids were ready to sleep after dinner. But the day was not over for them. EARTH University put on a Cultural Celebration dinner for the GYLI group. They were served a typical sustainable dinner from the University, which was followed by the celebration filled with dancing. The students at EARTH University are not all from Costa Rica, and rather come from all over Latin America and Africa. The different students involved performed different dances from their respective countries while also wearing their traditional dress for the performances. After, the GYLI group joined in the dancing and learned some of the different dances. We hear there was even some rapping from some of the chaperones.



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