Day 8–Homestay Gathering

Day 8–Homestay Gathering

July 23, 2014 Student reflections United World College/ Earth University, Costa Rica Year 3 0

Just a short post here to document our fun-filled gathering at the one of the farms–Maria Jose for all the the GYLI students and many of the farming families.  It was a wonderful dinner for 70 prepared by the host families to thank GYLI for sending groups to them over the last 9 years.  I was very touched by the generosity of these families who are the aunts and uncles of the extended GYLI family.  The made a beautiful and delicious cake and lovely tokens of their appreciation of us.

GYLI began programs at EARTH in 2005, and we have been very lucky to continue to work with these families continuously for many years.  Thanks to all of you reading this who continue to support GYLI our work to build stronger sustainable communities.

~matt nink

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