GYLI at the Stuart Center for Global Leadership

The Global Youth Leadership Institute is very excited to announce the opening of the Stuart Center for Global Leadership at Lake Forest Academy. A generous and historic donation from Lake Forest Academy alumnus Jim Stuart helped establish the Stuart Center for Global Leadership for GYLI. Under this partnership agreement with Lake Forest Academy, GYLI will move its headquarters to Lake Forest Academy and be housed in Lake Forest Academy’s new Student Union building, which opens in August 2016.

Our Executive Director Matt Nink spoke
about the exciting new partnership with Lake Forest Academy,GYLI030916_CM01-X3

“We expect this partnership to strengthen both GYLI and LFA and improve our quality over time. We know that being at LFA will allow us to tap the expertise of many LFA faculty and staff as well as to use LFA facilities for our trainings and events. LFA will be in the leadership role among GYLI participating schools. GYLI will continue to offer programs, workshops and events for schools around the US. The Stuart Center for Global Leadership will focus on LFA students, faculty and alumni. The Stuart Center will be the vehicle through which LFA executes its current strategic plan.”

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