Hosting an Iraqi Young Leader

Host a Young Iraqi Leader

  • Learn about cultures from around the world
  • Share a your own culture
  • Build relationships across lines of differences 
  • Foster peace and understanding between our countries for generations to comeIYLEP-2-280x300

These engaged students and adult mentors are eager to experience life in the United States by staying with a family. Past participants report the experience to be transformative, enriching and one that creates memories for a life time.

What are the main responsibilities of a host?

  • Offer a safe and welcoming space for the young leaders during the 2 weeks
  • Spend time with the young leaders outside of official programming!                     **Coordinators are available to provide ideas of things to do with your visitors
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the daily meeting space
  • Provide Dinner10562957_664155270348237_5969919334683379169_n
  • Have fun!

Families are invited to enjoy program celebrations and other fun activities such as baseball games or other local events depending on the final agenda and specific city.

Sample Day Agenda in Host Community

Morning: Light Breakfast with host family
8:30AM: Students are dropped off to meet the large group
Daytime: Participant have large group workshops and activities.
5:00PM: Students are picked up at the meeting place for dinner and either have the evening free with their homestay families for family actives or occasionally have a special large group event.

All schedules and agendas vary depending on cities 


Theme: PeaceBuilding and Conflict Transformation

Daily Meeting Space: Marquette University sponsored by the Center for Peacemaking

Coordinators: Megan Bollen and Jesse Blom


Theme: Public Health

Daily Meeting Space: World Peace Foundation at Tufts University

Coordinators: Corey O’Hara and Amanda Fan

For more information or to answer any questions you may have please contact Megan Bollen: [email protected] or 414-290-8142