Leader Learning Plan (LLP)

On unique aspect of all GYLI programs is the “LLP” which transfers learning to real projects in communities and schools.

The LLP has four parts:

1. Vision

2. Goals

3. Strategies

4. Resources

 The LLP is a commitment to action to ensure that the GYLI learning continues beyond the institute. By undertaking an LLP, participants develop their leadership skills in their communities.

GYLI coordinators assist participants during institute to develop and present their LLP ideas so they can leave with the vision for their project already well established. During the following school year, students work in conjunction with the faculty participants from their school to shape and implement their plans.

Within GYLI, we believe that our youth are leaders NOW, and LLP projects are not mere exercises or activities, but the framework for how our communities will move forward.

Background: The Leader Learning Plan was developed by Gordy Donaldson, Ph.D. of the University of Maine and adapted for youth by John Braman.