New for 2016: Year 1 Tall Ship in L.A. California

New for 2016: Year 1 Tall Ship in L.A. California

November 3, 2015 Year 1 2016 0

In 2016 GYLI will partner with L.A. Maritime Institute to add a Year 1 tall-ship session in L.A., California July 17-21, 2016

As GYLI continues to grow and expand, we are excited to launch our first west coast program in Southern California.  We have established excellent partnerships and this program will help advance GYLI’s mission of inspired global citizenship, leadership, identity and care of for the environment.

Day 1–July 17.  Arrival at Youth Hostel San Pedro  and Friendship Bell Park.  Here GYLI participants will experience a beautiful view of the Pacific as they learn about Collaborative Leadership and the basics of the GYLI 4 Pillars.  IMG_2952

Day 2- July 18

Participants will participate in three workshops:  5C’s of awareness, intro to religious pluralism, and Youth voice in schools in communities

Days 3-4: Full day sails aboard the Exy Johnson tall ship


Day 5–Presentations of Leader Learning Plans (LLPs) and transfer of the deep GYLI learning back to home schools and communities

To learn more abotu the Los Angeles Maritime Institute please visit