Online Educator Course

Discussion, Dialogue, and Division: Holding Space for the Resistant Participant

December 15-16, 2020 (Max. 20 per session)

3-5pm CST

Cost $50

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Join the Global Youth Leadership Institute team for a 2-day online workshop

Our Discussion, Dialogue, and Division: Holding space for the Resistant Participant course will help school and workplace leaders explore the intersection of identity, education, empathy and social justice. This course intentionally limits the number of participants in order for us to discuss, connect, and engage in challenging conversations in an authentic and meaningful way. 

Our course will bring together educators from diverse backgrounds who are ready to take an in-depth look at the way we live out our school’s missions. Speaking from our own personal experiences, we will harness the power of our stories to build stronger connections and communities. Some questions we will explore: How are we empowering students, faculty and workplace teams to work across lines of difference? What is the role of the resistant participant in an independent school community?  How can we affect school culture in a divisive environment originating from within and outside the school community? How can we get our communities to engage in important topics while maintaining an environment of safety and respect?