Dominican Republic – Educator Program

Experience the Birthplace of the Americas and Confront the Legacy of Slavery

Educator Expedition of Language, Culture, History and Leadership
March 19-26, 2017

In collaboration with UNIBE and numerous local partners, GYLI is offering a Teacher/Educator Expedition to the Dominican Republic in March, 2017. This program will allow educators to see, learn, serve, and participate, then make plans to bring the learning back to their classrooms and communities.


Who Should Attend?

Pre-service Teachers, k-12 teachers, and school administrators interested in 21st Century teaching and learning, global education, multi-culturalism, history, culture, language, and bringing the world to your classroom. We expect educators from a wide variety of schools: public, private, independent, charter schools, boarding and day schools.


  • Santo Domingo
  • Barahona
  • Jarabacoa
  • Puerto Plata/Cabarete


Sunday, March 19 to Sunday 26, 2017

Speakers and Presenters

Joaquin Mendez
Director of the Amistad Learning Center – Santo Domingo, DR

Lucy Arraya
Professor for Law and Human Rights UNIBE Santo Domingo, DR

Matt Nink
GYLI Executive Director

Guiding Questions

  • How can we connect with our shared heritage and ancestry and use it as a tool in our teaching and learning?
  • What is the historical and emerging role of women and minorities (especially Haitians) in Dominican Society?
  • How can we foster global leadership with local application among our students and teachers?
  • How can we design tasks using the Asia Society Global Competency model in the context of global learning experiences?
  • How can we increase student and teacher engagement in our school?
  • How can we transfer a powerful experiences back to my classroom?

Topics for Exploration:

    1. Collaborative Leadership Process and Leadership Styles Inventory
    2. Facilitating meaningful conversations about identity in educational settings.  We will use the 5C’s of Awareness (developed by Dr. Ulric Johnson, PhD)
    3. Asia Society 4 Domains of Global Competence from the 2008 book by Tony Jackson and Veronica Boix-Mansilla.  You can download the book: HERE
    4. Elements of Project-Based Learning from Buck Institute and other national models.  You can see some materials we will use at this link:  FreeBIEs_Essential_Elements_Checklist_2013
    5. Small scale projects to promote environmental sustainability on school campuses
    6. Role of Women in Dominican Republic and Latin America.  Read a recent Gallup Survey HERE

Learning Outcomes

Participants will increase your awareness and understanding and ability to:

    1. Teach about Colonial Americas and the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade
    2. Develop project based learning (PBL) tasks that build competency in the 4 domains as established by the Asia Society: investigate the world, recognize and weigh perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action
    3. Design and present a Leader Learning Plan (LLP)—the GYLI process that guides the transfer of a powerful global experience back to the participant’s home school and community
    4. Develop and improve Spanish language speaking, listening and comprehension skills by interacting daily with Spanish language speakers (for those interested).  The program is presented in both Spanish and English–so language will not be a barrier.
    5. Increase environmental awareness by experiencing hands-on, small-scale farming, and the differences in conventional vs. organic farming techniques
    6. Improve collaboration and leadership skills by working and living with others, moving outside of comfort zone, and planning follow up steps

Additional Information

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