Fees & Registration Info

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2018-2019 Tuition

Year 1 – Connecticut/Los Angeles Students: $1750 Faculty: $750
Year 2 – New Mexico Students: $1950 Faculty: $950
Year 3 – Costa Rica Students: $2350 Faculty: $1150
Note:Tuition fees do not include travel costs to/from the institute site.

GYLI Registration and Timelines

Schools enrolling students in GYLI institutes have their own in-house selection process. Please contact your GYLI School Contact for specific information on this process. School Contacts and their contact email addresses are listed below.

  1. Complete the two part registration process
    • Personal Information and Emergency Contacts
    • Submit your forms! Please click here for a list of the required forms
Registration Timeline   Refund Timeline        
November 1, 2018 Registration Opens Before April 1, 2019 Full Refund
January 31, 2019 Registration Deadline Before June 1, 2019 50% Refund
February 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

March 31, 2019

Invoices sent to GYLI schools

Family payment to Schools Full Due

Schools payment to GYLI Due

After June 1, 2019 No Refund
May 1, 2019 Forms Submitted

School Contacts

For more information about GYLI events, contact your school’s representative listed below.

Detroit Country Day School Nicole Torres [email protected]
Episcopal Kelly Bertucci [email protected]
John Burroughs Brian Connor [email protected] 
Beacon Academy Jennifer Dubansky [email protected]
Lake Forest Academy Erin English [email protected]
Governors Academy Monica Palmer [email protected]
Lawrence Academy Yelitza Nieves-Caraballo [email protected]
Harley School Dave O’Brien [email protected]
University School of Milwaukee Laurie Barth Walczak [email protected]
Hampton Road Academy Sarah Andersen [email protected]