Evaluating and Measuring Success in our Programs

In a recent survey, Gallup Education has shown that real world problem solving and good student-teacher relationships are two of the primary drivers of higher work quality later in life.In order to have a true impact on future work quality, the development of 21st century skills (GYLI’s 4 Pillars) must be experienced by students frequently and consistently.

Social-Emotional Learning = Greater Well-being and Success in Life

• “Contrary to conventional beliefs about the primacy of IQ, GPA, and ambitious academic accomplishment in predicting life success, research tells us that social and emotional intelligence (SEI) and some particular qualities of character most highly correlate with life success.” (Steiner-Adair 2013)

Why Collaborative Leadership?

According to a study of the world’s top CEOs published in the Harvard Business Review, “leaders need to shed the command-and-control and consensus styles in favor of collaborative leadership…to harness ideas, people, and resources across boundaries of all kinds.” (Ibarra and Hansen 2011: 70)

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