Shelby Gilyard

Shelby Gilyard participated in GYLI from 2009-2012 while attending Detroit Country Day High School. She now attends Wesleyan University where she studies Biology and plays lacrosse. Her experience at GYLI was special because of the amazing people she was surrounded by from all over the country. Year 1 she was challenged to step out of her comfort zone and voice her opinion more regularly. During Year 2 she was challenged physically on the mountain hike with breathe taking views. Year 3 she was challenged to use her Spanish language skills. Throughout the three institutes, she improved upon communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills. She was informed on current issues facing our world, our generation, and our communities and compelled her to do and be more not just for herself but for those around her. GYLI has helped her in the classroom, on the field, and in everyday situations in her life.