Welcome the new Executive Director of GYLI

Welcome the new Executive Director of GYLI

March 25, 2021 Uncategorized 0

To our dear GYLI friends and family,

I want to speak with you about leading from the head and the heart.  These past few months, both Lake Forest Academy and GYLI have strengthened their partnership in search of our new Executive Director of GYLI. Having served as the interim director, I worked closely with LFA’s Head of School, José De Jesús, and GYLI Board President, Kim Bouldin-Jones to find a candidate with just the right qualities to meet the high ideals that both LFA and GYLI set forth. 

I am excited to introduce to you our new executive director.  This is someone with a passion for leading his students from both the head and heart in exploring the intersections among values, social issues, activism, and technology.  He’s quoted as saying, “I believe our responsibility is actually to bring forth difficult, uncomfortable questions around identity through service-learning pedagogy.”  

Taking a dynamic empathy approach to critical service-learning and civic engagement, our new ED says that, “Leadership does not mean having all the answers, but is about asking good questions.”  Good questions, such as, “Where is space for students to develop the intellectual and emotional skills to exercise what it means to become a competent and engaged global citizen in school and beyond?”  

As a self-described “quiet observer” and constant learner, he brings a sense of humility to the work that both Lake Forest Academy and GYLI will benefit from.  I am pleased to announce our new Executive Director of the Stuart Center for Global Leadership and GYLI, Diego Duran-Medina. Diego comes to us from Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Fl where he served as Director of Service-Learning.  

Diego has a passion for weaving together experiential education, service-learning, and civic engagement as the common thread of what it means to be a Global Citizen.  He will bring this intentionality to our GYLI programs so we may continue to deliver transformative educational programs.

Join me in welcoming Diego Duran-Medina to our GYLI family.  He will lead from the head and heart and we couldn’t be more excited to embark together on the important work of growing and empowering our future leaders. 

In gratitude,

Erin English

Director of Operations

GYLI and Stuart Center

Lake Forest Academy