Year 3 Costa Rica Day 9–White Water Rafting and Cultural Celebration

Year 3 Costa Rica Day 9–White Water Rafting and Cultural Celebration

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July 23, 2015: Today is highlight reel day for GYLI.  We began our day early with a pick up from the Farms in the La Argentina community to go to the Pequare River for White Water Rafting.  This is always a highlight for the students and teachers.

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It is such a fun and beautiful way to experience teamwork.  The activity requires lots of coordination to move the boats through rapids and we are lucky to work with such great river guides that know the river so well.

After rafting we retuned to EARTH to reflect on the amazing homestay experience.  This is usually the element of the program that makes the most impact on the students and teachers.  It is a rare thing to have such open and warm hosts who take you into their homes, work with you, teach you, and then be sad when you leave.  This year was a special program, because it was the 10th Anniversary of the La Argentina community hosting GYLI students and teachers. To thank the families, we invited them for a special dinner at EARTH University, and one of the GYLI coordinators, Chelsey Carter worked on a photo book of 10 years of memories for each farm.  It was wonderful to give a small gift to the families who have given GYLI so much.  IMG_9884 (1)

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After the presentations there was time for dancing and celebrations.

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