Year 3 – Day 3!

Year 3 – Day 3!

July 24, 2019 Uncategorized 0


We started our day off with breakfast at UWC, and left soon after for Earth University. We endured a 3 hour bus ride through traffic, driving up the beautiful, twisting mountain roads. We arrived at Earth University, and dropped our bags off in our rooms, and were guided around the campus by a current student. After the tour, we had about an hour of free time, which many of us enjoyed either sleeping, talking, or grabbing a smoothie/coffee at the campus coffee shop. We met again afterwards for a discussion revolving around religious pluralism, one of the GYLI pillars.

We took a break for dinner, and met again for a panel with Earth students regarding their personal stories and what their experience has been at the University. After a long day, we came out with an understanding of other people’s religious experiences, as well as an idea of what Earth University’s goals and students experiences here are.

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