Year 3 day 6–The homestay fun continues

Year 3 day 6–The homestay fun continues

July 20, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Monday July 20, 2015: Today students woke up at their homestays and engaged in a variety of activities. Depending on which farm they were staying, students planted coffee, made soap, played soccer, worked on rabbit hutches, trimmed bushes and grass and repaired some fencing. We made our rounds this afternoon and visited each farm. All of the students were in good health and good spirits. There were a few requests for forgotten sweatshirts, shoes, or work gloves from there items back EARTH University and the coordinators will deliver those items when we drop off the teachers tomorrow after breakfast.

Brian with a snake skin at the homestays

The faculty participants met with the EARTH University Inter-Cultural Committee and discussed ways all of our schools can help students resolve conflicts and become more inclusive. Each of the GYLI teacher participants shared some demographics and basic information about his or her school, and we all discussed different models of macro and micro-stratgies to implement to improve the overall school culture.

We have been enjoying beautiful weather so far with a bit of rain, but nothing that has dampened our plans. All of the students are engaged, asking good qustions and seem to bonding with their peers.

As we returned from our farm visits we got the rare treat of seeing a sloth on the line that brings bananas from the field to the packing house at EARTH University.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica,

Matt, Liz, and Chelesy


Great soccer game!