Custom Programs

Custom On Campus Workshops and Presentations:

GYLI offers many presentations to 6-12 grade students and teachers. All of the workshops and presentations are based on the GYLI 4 pillars, but are tailored to school and educational group interests and goals, as well as real-world applications in the workplace.

Audiences we work with

  • 6th-12 grade students
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Parents
  • Boards of Directors / Trustees
  • Corporations

GYLI staff will work with faculty, parents and administrators to ensure the highest quality program. In the past, GYLI has offered a variety of programs that range in location, length and content, including:

  • On Campus Examples
    • 9th Grade retreat
    • 1-day community and leaderdship development
    • 1-day workshop for faculty
    • Sports captains / student leaders training
  • Off Campus Examples
    • Annual 8th grade trip to Costa Rica
    • Annual 8th grade trip to New Mexico or Colorado 
    • Faculty retreats 
    • 1-day tall ship sails 

For more information on GYLI’s customs programs, please click on our Consulting / Workshops Flyer.