Summer Programs

GYLI’s signature program is the trilogy of summer experiences, know as the “High School Sequence.” This set of programs has been inspiring students and teachers since 2002.  GYLI staff and speakers engaging students during the summers after their Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years, in three amazing program locations that will help you build strong skills and habit of mind for collaborative leadership, multi-cultural identity, religious pluralism and environmental sustainability.  You will not find any other programs that provide this sequence of content, enrichment and follow up.

Connecticut- Sailing in the Wake of our Ancestors

This 5-day institute introduces students to the GYLI curriculum while they set sail on the Atlantic  or Pacific Ocean aboard a tall ship. Students and teachers will live in community, work together, and explore ways to make our schools stronger and more inclusive.  The retreat atmosphere we create in GYLI will allow you to be fully yourself, make lasting friendships and explore your leadership style.

New Mexico- Developing a Personal Leadership Vision

A 6-day program that takes participants to the remote mountains of New Mexico and the Lama Foundation, a nondenominational spiritual retreat center that offers a vision for religious understanding and insights into participants relationship to self, others and their environment. You will also visit the Taos Pubelo, one of the oldest communities in North America, to learn wisdom from the elders, and how to apply that wisdom to our current age.

Costa Rica- Global Engagement and World Food Systems:

With 11-days to explore Costa Rica, students are presented with multiple examples of sustainable agriculture, ecotourism as a means towards economic, social and environmental development and experience the real lives of Costa Ricans through home-stays. Students learn from and work alongside students from Latin American, Africa and Asia while staying on the campuses of United World College Costa Rican and EARTH University.