Connecticut Summer Program

Sailing In The Wake Of Our Ancestors

This program is an exploration of the self in the context of community. The “campus” is the Atlantic Ocean while sailing a historic schooner – Tall Ship. Participants apply theories of collaborative leadership during the challenge of a multi-day voyage.

You’ll learn to sail and navigate a tall ship while participating in workshops on global faith traditions, multicultural identity and understanding the marine environment through the GYLI curriculum. By exploring maritime history and context, participants learn about the many who have traveled before them.

Our location/partner: We are pleased to work with great program partners for the program who have a combined 60 years in youth sailing and leadership programs. Each location is lead by professionals who carry all necessary Cost Guard Certifications and are specially outfitted for youth programs.  In addition, GYLI staff are continuously trained in safety and risk management, as well as the best practices in youth leadership facilitation.

New London, CT: GYLI participants will stay in a dorm at Mitchell College the first night.  For the rest of the program they will stay aboard the Mystic Whaler Tall Ship.

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