Year 3 Institute

Models of Global Pluralism and World Food Systems

The main theme of the GYLI Year 3 – Costa Rica Institute is Environmental Sustainability and World Food Systems. This institute takes place at two world-renowned institutions that are dedicated to international understanding and sustainable development: United World College – Costa Rica (UWCCR) and EARTH University. While staying at UWCCR, participants interact with the school’s diverse student body and learn about the school’s commitment to peace, multiculturalism, and the environment. At EARTH University, GYLI participants learn first-hand from EARTH students, who come from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Participants stay and work with local farming families, who form an agro-ecotourism cooperative that strives for sustainability in all its facets: economic, social, and environmental.

An essential question of Year 3: “What is my role as a leader in creating sustainable world systems?”

Who Should Attend?

Rising Seniors (those who will be entering their senior year in the fall after this summer institute) and educators.


Costa Rica – United World College and EARTH University


July 16-26


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Other Important Information

The Center for Disease Control recommends you view this page regarding vital health information for travelers before traveling to Costa Rica.

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