Support La Argentina Community in Costa Rica

Since 2005, GYLI has had a great relationship with the La Argentina community near EARTH University.  This group of farming families has hosted us, taught us, and helped us experience the beauty of Costa Rica.


As a community association, La Argentina meets regularly to elect a president and determine community priorities.  As one of the stakeholders in the community, GYLI works to support and build the economic resources of the community.  If current students or GYLI alumni want to support the La Argentina Community directly–the process is simple:

  1. Read the list of community priorities below
  2. Select a project to fund and click “Donate below.”  You make your gift to GYLI, and we get the money personally and directly to the community president though GYLI staff members travelling to Costa Rica.  There are no fees and all donated money goes directly to this community.

Sustainable development.  All of these project follow the principles of UNEP principles of sustainable development by working to empower the community to build and grow their own economic resources.  (Click the link to read all 18 principles).

Current Projects and Costs:

  1. El rancho for community celebrations=  $250
  2. 4 chicken coops = $ 100
  3. 2 biodigestors = $75
  4. Farm reconstruction= $100
Individual supplies for above projects ($25 each bundle)
Wood : uses are build un rancho, beds, home reconstruction
Metal tin for roofing and chicken coops
Cinder blocks
Livestock: pigs, chickens, cows
To donate to the above projects–click the Donate Button below and just indicate what project you want to fund in the notes section