Institute Sites

GYLI Institutes locations are carefully chosen and provide ideal settings that help to set the stage for unique and intensive learning. Click on the names of the Institutes below to view more information on their website.

Year 1


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Freedom Schooner Amistad-Mystic, CT: A replica of the original Amistad ship upon which captives from Sierra Leone, originally intended for the slave trade in the Americas, revolted and were ultimately granted freedom by U.S. courts. The Amistad provides a hands-on learning “classroom” where students learn to sail and navigate a tall ship and offers unique insights into the realities of the American slave trade and its legacy.

Schooner Mystic Whaler-Mystic, CT: The Mystic Whaler is a reproduction of a late 19th century coastal schooner designed for passengers. The captain/crew of the Whaler have worked with GYLI for many years and makes their ship a truly unique experience for GYLI participants by training them on the art of sailing a tall ship, providing marine ecology lessons and a living history lesson on America’s sailing heritage.

S/V Denis Sullivan-Milwaukee, WI: Wisconsin’s official flagship and a replica of the Great Lakes Schooners that ruled the lakes in the 19th Century, also serves as a floating science lab. The Sullivan provides GYLI participants with an opportunity for exploring Lake Michigan in a way that has largely been lost to history while learning to sail a tall ship and discovering the ecology of one of the World’s truly great lakes.

Year 2


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Lama Foundation-Northern New Mexico: Located 20 miles north of Taos, New Mexico, the Lama Fondation sits on 109 acres, is bordered by the Carson National Forest, and is nestles against the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east. Founded in 1967, the Lama Foundation provides a community in the wilderness for a small group of year round residents, and a much larger group of summer guests, learners, stewards and educators. Agricultural practices appropriate to the high desert setting is a hallmark of the foundation. As a “spiritual home” to many, residents of the Lama Foundation share the traditions, insights and practices of many of the World’s religions with their guests, making this an idea setting for GYLI participants to explore and learn about true religious pluralism in practice. The mission of the Lama Foundation residents is to be a sustainable, spiritual community and an education center dedicated to all spiritual paths.

Year 3


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United World College-Costa Rica: United World College-Costa Rica, one of 12 UWC schools spread across the globe, is an international secondary school that provides our participants with examples of GYLI principles in action. The UWC 9 values; International and intercultural understanding, Celebration of difference, Personal responsibility and integrity, Mutual responsibility and respect, Compassion and service, Respect for the environment, A sense of idealism, Personal challenge and Action and personal example, represent aspirations that are fundamental to the GYLI Pillars and are deeply imbedded in our programs.


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EARTH University-Costa Rica: A four-year residential campus for a diverse international student body, EARTH University is a world-renowned leader in teaching sustainable agriculture practices and values-based social and economic development. Located in Limon Province, Costa Rica, EARTH University offers unparalleled opportunities for GYLI participants to be introduced to global food system practices that emphasize economic, social and ecological sustainability. Through home stays with local farming families, participants see, participate in and fully experience these practices in action while simultaneously immersing themselves in the culture of Costa Rica.