2018 Year 1 Recap

2018 Year 1 Recap

September 19, 2018 Uncategorized 0

GYLI offered four Year 1 programs this summer:  2 in Connecticut, 1 in Los Angeles and 1 launching from Kenosha, WI.  Sailing aboard the Mystic Whaler, Exy Johnson and Red Witch – students and adults raised sail learning about themselves and others.

Highlights of the these programs were again the great work of Kojo Bey and Dr. Ulric Johnson.  In Year 1, we want to bring everyone into the circle, establish trust, and begin to have authentic conversations about leadership and identity.  In response to Dr. Johnson, one student commented, “He made it easy to understand and comfortable to talk about.”

Many students and teachers offered tremendous feedback about their own growth in the 5-day program such as:

“I learned a lot of great new things that I can use to make me a better leader. Thank you GYLI!” “This was a life changing trip thank you so much.”