2018 Year 2 Recap

2018 Year 2 Recap

September 19, 2018 Uncategorized 0

We offered 2 Year 2 programs at the Lama Foundation in Northern New Mexico.  Here our goal is to deepen the conversation, and further challenge students and teachers to reflect, to live differently, and to be intentional in their relationships with self, others, and the earth.

According to our teachers and students, highlights from the trip were swimming in the Rio Grande and visiting Taos Pueblo, which was, “really fun and informative.”

Pat McCabe inspired us all by sharing her own native perspectives which helped set our priorities on building our communities and creating solutions.   One teacher commented: “I loved Pat McCabe’s talk- I was able to deeply connect with many parts of her talk. I learned many things and I think it is important that future GYLI kids learn these things and have the opportunity to make those connections too.”  

Another student responded to the talk by Jake Nash by writing: “The LGBT talk from Jake Nash – it’s important to talk about these things and educate ourselves about transgender issues and the many challenges that transgender people face.”