Day 2 in Costa Rica

Day 2 in Costa Rica

July 13, 2016 Uncategorized Year 3 2016 0

Today was GREAT!!!  We started the day at 8:45 with a delicious pinto, and then played some fun games such as “Sister, Sister,” and “Mafia.”  Then we learned about Costa Rican culture and dance, and had lunch.  Then we took a trip to Santa Ana, the local town, and ate lots of food, gained a better understanding of their currency, and practiced Spanish. The mosquitoes so far aren’t bad at all and we have yet to see any rain. We had an informative session from representatives at UWC and they led a discussion on how to adapt to conflicts that may occur with people who share different beliefs. Youth led sessions were an important part of the day, and each group took turns facilitating discussions, games, and activities on various topics such as Costa Rican culture, racism, discrimination, sports, feminism, and stereotypes. It was a fun and educational day!

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