GYLI 2014 Workshops

GYLI 2014 Workshops

October 9, 2014 Uncategorized 0

This Fall GYLI has led a number of workshops for students throughout the US, as well as in Costa Rica. GYLI facilitated a workshop on leadership for club leaders as well as a visiting delegation of BrazilianIMG_6277 students at Ursuline Academy in Dallas, TX focusing on developing awareness and understanding of effective collaborative leadership methods, and how to create a shared vision for their school clubs.

GYLI also had the opportunity to facilitate a gender and leadership workshop with African students in Costa Rica this September focusing on how to be aware of, and ultimately see beyond stereotypes of gender in leadership, as leaders in their own schools and communities.

GYLI also facilitated a workshop at Dallas Episcopal School in Texas. This workshop involved training 10th graders in leadership and preparing them to lead the 8th graders at their school in a day of leadership exploration and team building activitieIMG_6900s.

Other workshops GYLI facilitated this fall include North Shore Country Day School’s freshman orientation as well as Senior leadership day in Chicago, Illinois.