Required Permission / Health Forms, and Packing Lists

Note: The following forms should be submitted by May 1, 2017. If you are unable to do so, please contact the GYLI office to make other arrangements.

**Special Form: Any student traveling without a chaperone is required to submit the Traveling Alone Permission Form.  There is a spot to upload this form to Active as well.

Tips for uploading your forms:
1. Save form as a PDF file
2. On Active there is a upload “slot” for each required form, upload the ENTIRE form required as you can not upload multiple files to one “slot”
3. After you have uploaded, download the form on file to make sure the required information is all there!

Student Participant
1) Health Form
2) Parent Authorization Form
3) Color Copy of Passport (Year 3 only)
Adult Participant
1) Health Form
2) Faculty Roles / Photo Release
3) Color Copy of Passport (Year 3 only)

Year 3 participants: Students and Faculty

  • Passports: Your passport should expire no less than 6 months after you return from the institute (Example: January 14, 2018 for an institute that ends on July 14, 2017.)
  • Travel Insurance: GYLI uses MEDEX travel insurance for its own staff and recommends MEDEX travel insurance for all GYLI participants. GYLI will not purchase travel insurance for participants, however more information can be found on the MEDEX website.
  • Center for Disease Control: The Center for Disease Control recommends you view this page regarding vital health information for travelers before traveling to Costa Rica.

Parent Authorization Form Download

Year 1, 2 and 3 Parent Authorization Form

Faculty Roles / Photo Release Download

Faculty Roles/ Photo Release Form

Participant Health Form Downloads

Year 1 Health Form  (Student & Adult)

Year 2 Health Form (Student & Adult)

Year 3 Health Form (Student & Adult)

Once you have completed the required forms, please click here to upload through


Packing Lists: 

Year 1 Tall Ship Packing List: 

Year 2 New Mexico Itinerary and Packing List: 

Year 3 Costa Rica Itinerary and Packing List: